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Meet Charles

Charles Palmares is a community advocate, military veteran, and native Vallejoan - now he is running for Vallejo City Council in District 4!

Born in Travis Air Force Base to Filipino immigrants, Charles was raised by his working class single father in Vallejo (often moving from apartment to apartment).  He graduated from UC Davis with a BA in Political Science, focusing on economic development and countering corruption.  Previously enlisted in the US Coast Guard, Charles later joined the US Army in the Civil Affairs branch, in which he has been specializing in rebuilding governments, supporting dislocated civilians, and promoting good governance and rule of law.

In Vallejo, Charles has been a tireless advocate for creating vibrant neighborhoods, cultivating strong businesses and good jobs, increasing public safety, dedicating housing to our workforce, and making our city more sustainable and resilient.  Charles also spends his time tutoring math to his two siblings in high school, talking politics at local coffee shops, talking sports at breweries, running on the waterfront, having cookouts at City Park, and taking care of his indoor/outdoor cat, Alfreda.

As Vallejo City Councilmember, Charles will fight for accountable leadership, responsive and efficient government, and policies that truly serve the community – let’s take back our town!

Community efforts in Vallejo


  • Planning Commission, City of Vallejo - Commissioner
  • Vallejo Housing Justice Coalition - Co-Founder, Member
  • NorCal Girls and Boys Empowerment Group - Executive Board Member
  • St. Vincent’s Hill Neighborhood Coalition - Member (focused on Mean Streets to Green Streets)
  • Vallejo Together - Volunteer
  • American Legion (Post 603) - Member
  • Vallejo Chamber of Commerce - Member
  • Neighborhood Watch Group - Member
  • Co-organizing Vallejo Historic Napa Riverwalk*


  • Participatory Budgeting, City of Vallejo - Budget Delegate
  • American Legion (Post 603) - 1st Vice Commander
  • Community Action Board, Solano County Public Health - Volunteer
  • Filipinx Mental Health Initiative (Solano County) - Outreach Coordinator
  • Vallejo Jazz Jam - Drummer
  • Downtown Merchants Committee - Volunteer
  • Co-organized the development of submitted District Map 620 (aka “Unity Map”)*

* Not formalized

Endorsements and Contributions

Charles is a leader grounded in the voices of the everyday residents of Vallejo.

Taking a bold stance against undue political influence, Charles is running a 100% grassroots campaign (endorsements and contributions from individuals only; $200 cumulative monetary limit and $500 cumulative in-kind donation limit).  He is not soliciting or accepting endorsements, contributions, or advocacy from political action committees (i.e. 527 organizations), special interests (i.e. 501(c) organizations), political parties, current and former elected officials, and other candidates currently running for City Council.

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