Vibrant Neighborhoods

My top priority is to make sure our neighborhoods become desirable places to live, work, socialize, and raise a family. This means fun, bustling urban villages and active public spaces; this means clean, safe, and pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly streets. And we get there by doing things the right way – growing our community responsibly and equitably (without dislocating our own folks), empowering our residents to take control of what happens in their neighborhoods, and reinvesting wealth in the most neglected parts of our city.

Strong Businesses & Good Jobs

Local and small businesses need to be prioritized as our “engine of growth” – the more successful they are, the more financially healthy our community becomes. And to bridge our labor gap, I will push for job training opportunities to become more identifiable and accessible, and I will provide robust incentives for employers to hire from our workforce.

Comprehensive Public Safety

Public safety must shift toward a culture of leadership, responsibility, and collaboration with the community. Through this framework, I will support improved training and accountability in our police department, establish preventative programs to significantly reduce violent crimes and property crimes, and enable law enforcement to respond to criminal activities more quickly and investigate them more thoroughly.

Housing for Our Workforce

Housing is a personal issue to me. In order to preserve housing for our workforce, I will ensure that we produce more high-quality housing options for every income, implement housing requirements and opportunities equitably throughout the city, simplify our processes for home maintenance and home improvement, and vigorously defend the rights of our thousands of tenants.

A Sustainable & Resilient City

Our green spaces and fresh air and water are essential to our city – I will bring together any and every department or agency to develop and implement an environmentally responsible plan which prioritizes the safety, health, and well-being over our residents. Even more critically, I will revive our climate action plan that not only ensures our resilience against sea level rise but also lays the groundwork for a city that is sustainable and oriented toward renewable energy.

Responsive & Efficient Government

Our city government needs to be revamped.  Understandably times are tough, but it is absolutely imperative we have a modern, fully functioning government.  Through a genuine partnership with city staff, I will remove any arbitrary communication silos, streamline any unnecessary or redundant bureaucratic processes, and ensure that our city government has all of the right folks to get the job done quickly and effectively.  At the same time, I will institutionalize strong mechanisms for transparency, accountability, and community engagement – your voice will be heard, your voice will matter!

Accountable Leadership

Above all else, I will continue to be a leader responsible to the people of Vallejo. No empty acts of support, no excuses, no passing the blame, no division and polarization, and no indignant verbal abuse. I am bringing everyone together to figure out a way forward. And come hell or high water, I will find solutions and get results (and you can blame me until that happens).

I am from Vallejo, I live in Vallejo, and my family is in Vallejo; I am motivated by love for the place that I call “home.”


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